Book Review: As Long As Love Lasts by Jea Hawkins

I wanted to love this as much as everyone else. One of the reviews likened this to ‘Letters Never Sent’ which is one of my favorites. This just wasn’t it for me.

What I liked was the idea of this book. Woven back in forth between present and past. 

I did not like the modern day coupling. They were an existing married couple going through a rough patch. But Peyton was completely unlikable and she was never redeemed in my mind. I don’t know why Brooke put up with her at all. She was a saint (despite Peyton’s horrible perception of her).

The romance that happens in the past was better. However I always felt awkward about Vera. I think that is the point as there was mystery behind her character. But I think that worked against feeling any type of real connection. Also, the many time gaps had me mostly frustrated.

And I wasn’t satisfied by the ending.

So why the 4 star rating? I gave it 3.5 because it is well written and I was invested in what happened. I may have not liked the characters, but it doesn’t mean this isn’t a decent book (obviously, according to all the other reviews). I rounded up to 4 because it made me cry.

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