Book Review: Behind The Green Curtain by Riley Lashea

Am I the only person who thought this was a Wizard of Oz retelling or something? The font and the green and the curtain? No? OK, maybe just me.

Well, the only similarity it had with the Wizard of OZ was Caton probably wishing she could click her heels three times to get out of the mess she found herself in.

How do you even explain this book? Caton is employed at a company where her male boss is completely detestable. He is effing his assistant and making the moves on Caton in the copy room. He gets into an argument with his cold-as-ice wife, Amelia. She thinks her job of event planning and fundraising for him is hard work. She feels exhausted and underappreciated. He thinks she is absurd and disrespectful, so he hires Caton to assist Amelia so that Caton can get on her nerves as much as she gets on his. (You know, for always turning down his *ahem* charm).

This book was intense. First off… All the affairs are happening. Jack is having affairs on his wife Amelia who wants to have an affair with Caton who wants to cheat on her gf, Lauren, to sleep with Amelia. And this all comes to fruition because what kind of book would it be if it didn’t? Second of all… All the sex is happening. In a basement, on the desk, in that room, at her apartment, in that cabin, behind, top, front, that toy, etc. Look. I’m a self proclaimed prude when it comes to this. But this book IS about cheating and affairs. So it goes with the territory. And it was pretty hot. There is just something about forbidden desire and when you add in the mixed unwelcome feelings? Guh. 

This went deeper than I thought it would. There was some family drama as it related to Jack and Amelia’s daughter, Serene. Some background info about Amelia also gave some meaning behind the way she is. 

And then there had to be a reveal toward the end that I was not even expecting a little bit. That makes a pretty good book in my mind!

SO… I liked this. A lot. It was not perfect, though. There was a bit of repetitiveness in the MC’s inner monologues. I mean, there is no way that you will ever misunderstand that Caton and Amelia should NOT be doing what they are doing. Caton should be saying NO but she can’t help but say yes. There is an expiration date. And so on and so forth. It didn’t bother me much, though. So like I said… a really good book.

I recommend this to those who like romance, mind games, physical games, sex all the time, rich people, awesome maids/cooks, and kitchen bars with morning coffee.

P.S. This book needed an epilogue. On a beach somewhere fantastic. With Sole sipping margaritas. 

Thanks to all who told me I needed to read this and move it to the top of my list. I pass that same advice to those of you who haven’t read this yet, too!

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