Book Review: Bet Against Me by Fiona Riley

Release Date: September 1, 2020
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Trina is up for an award as luxury realtor of the year. She is certain the award is hers because she is the best and has put in all the hard work necessary. She didn’t factor Kendall, another realtor who is new to the area, into the equation. They meet. share a heated exchange, and end the night committed. To a competition, that is.

At first, their contentious behavior toward each other made it hard for me to like either of them very much. But as the book moved on, my feelings about them changed for the better. There really is nothing better than two women that hate each other so much they either need to fight or…. you know.

I have to say that this book felt deeper than previous Fiona Riley books I have read. I found myself feeling super invested in these two gals. I loved their chemistry and couldn’t wait for them to combust together. I wanted them to fall for and make each other’s lives better. This could have been a book where the two of them continued to butt heads ,but I was happy that the author took them down a more adult route where they tried to navigate their circumstances with maturity and respect.

I really liked this book with exception of what felt like an anti-climactic ending. The whole book was building up to this foreseeable confrontation/climax. And while it did deliver the anticipated scenario, it didn’t offer the amount of conflict or excitement that I had hoped for. It all felt a little bit rushed and resolved easily.

Overall, I’m fairly certain that this is one of my favorites from Riley.

I recommend this book to those who like to read about romance, enemies to lovers, luxury real-estate, chemistry, trying to keep things casual, and flowers.

I received an ARC from Bold Strokes Books for an honest review

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