Book Review: Charon Docks At Daylight

Ouch, this one hurt. 

There are a lot of pages here. Three books worth, probably. But I consumed it as fast I could even though I was hindered by starting a new job. Life!

This is not a published book and I’m not entirely certain of the origin, but you can read it on Fiction Press.

Through three different POVs (Dugan, Genevieve, and Echo), we are taken on an apocalyptic journey of surviving in a world infested with ferals (people who have been infected by a parasite). Zombies. Dugan is a middle aged man who has lost wife and daughter. Genevieve is the head of a military-like unit that protects a large group of survivors. Echo does despicable things as a raider in order to stay alive. 

For as long as this story was, I was surprised at the amount of action. There was always danger lurking. Ferals to fight. Raiders to worry about. People to be suspicious of. There is nothing to ever be bored with. All of these scenes were written very well as I was sincerely anxious while reading them. 

What I enjoyed most about this story was the way Genevieve and Echo were connected, how life had changed them, and the growth that springs from hope. I will say I am confused why Echo didn’t easily recall Genevieve’s name during their first encounter after we later learn how affected she was by her. In the beginning, the two young woman are at odds. Complete enemies. There is a solid reason for that and it takes the majority of the entire story for things to fully unravel. The tension is high. The quarreling is plenty (both physical and verbal). It was hard for me to understand how Genevieve could ever overcome her disdain. But we witness her walls slowly crumble. It was both hard and sweet to go through with her.

There were so many twists and turns. Things that were unapologetic and brutal. 

At the 95% mark I ugly cried and it didn’t stop until the end. Actually, there is still a bit of a lump in my throat and my eyes are tired after I finished reading this morning! My heart was broken so badly. After investing so much time in this massively huge story, it was inevitable that whatever was to happen would impact me a great deal. I’m angry with the author for creating a permanent defect in my heart. But isn’t that what we read for? To get so involved and attached to the characters that we physically ache when they do? 

Don’t get discouraged by any of what I’ve written. I feel like this is a must read. Best enemies to lovers trope I’ve ever read. Dialogue was so good. Angst GALORE for my ache-loving heart!

I didn’t really care for Dugan’s POV so much. I think it was a much needed break from the intensity of what was happening between Genevieve and Echo’s POV. And I didn’t hate any of his story or companions. I just couldn’t find myself really caring about him. He seemed like a sissy throughout the whole story. I didn’t recognize the same type of growth in him that I did in the others.

I recommend this to everyone. So good.

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