Book Review: Coffee Sonata by Gun Brooke

This Fallback Friday selection was much better than my last two. This was published in 2006. So everyone’s suggestion to try for a newer older book was a good idea. 

I love music. Although the focus was on two romances, there were musical connections made throughout. There were some instances where the author describes emotions through the way instruments are being played. I am a such a sucker for that.

Anyhow, Vivian is a world famous opera singer who is returning to her hometown for a farewell concert. She meets a local cafe owner, Michaela (Mike), who catches her fancy despite the fact that she has always been into men and she is 20 years Mike’s senior.

Manon is benefactor for the foundation that is sponsoring Vivian’s farewell tour. The proceeds will go to build a children’s wing at the local hospital. She becomes enthralled with a persistent reporter, Eryn, who ends up threatening to ruin everything Manon has built for herself.

Emotions run deep in this one. There was nothing superficial here. Just flawed people, falling for people they don’t expect to, and trying to make things work against all odds. 

The story does hold up despite some references to older musicians (Eric Clapton and Bonnie Raitt). In fact, Eryn the reporter, uses quite a bit of technology to keep her working remotely which must have been pretty advanced for 2006.

There were several intimate scenes that were not gratuitous. They demonstrated lots of chemistry and furthered the story by revealing backstory and insecurities. Even the kisses were written sensually. If I had been an editor, though, I would have suggested the author use ‘nibbled’ or ‘nibbling’ less often.

Highly recommend this story if you are into romance, age gap, music, loving on the wrong side of the tracks, disabilities, closeted lesbians, and coffee.

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