Book Review: Falls From Grace by Ruby Landers

It has been awhile since I have reviewed a book. Life is always getting in the way these days. However, I read this one and enjoyed it so much that I was compelled to share my thoughts on it.

Brynn is floundering. Not living up to her or her parents expectations. Who can be sure which? Her best friend, Noah, is a musician who has just gotten a big break to collaborate with a famous country star, Savannah Grace. They decide to pretend they are married so that Brynn can travel with him to Savannah’s house in Vermont to take some time to relax and enjoy the perks of high-life living. 

Savannah Grace is one half of a defunct country duo. Unfortunately that band had to be retired as the other half, her lying-cheating-ex husband-baby daddy, is a piece of excrement. After several years of hiding, raising a baby, and licking her wounds, she listened to an album that made her feel again. Inspired to try to pave her way as a solo artist, she asks the artist of that album to come to her home and write with her.

Things get a bit dicey when Savannah starts to catch feelings for Noah’s wife. 

This story had extremely likable characters. I was rooting for all of them. They each had backstories that drove their actions. Perhaps some of those things were a bit misguided, but they all had huge hearts and wanted to do right by one another. 

I particularly like when stories take time to build relationships that seem sincere and believable. This one hit that mark. I was so invested that I couldn’t put the book down in the last half as things gradually approached the catastrophe you know is imminently coming. And it didn’t disappoint. The FEELINGS. The angst. The longing. 

There was no rush to resolution. Work had to be done. I sincerely appreciated the decision the author made in choosing character development for a believable ending. 

It was sweet and sexy. Heartfelt. A really great romance.

I recommend this to people who love to read sapphic romance, celebrity romance, pining/longing, angst, likable characters, music appreciation, cute kids, finding self-worth, achieving dreams, and babysitting.

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