Book Review: Fare Game by Cade Haddock Strong

Release Date: Nov 14, 2019
Publisher: Bella Books

Whistle while you work.

Kay is a pricing VP for a major airline. Kay has been brought into an unethical situation at work and she is trying to find a way out . Meanwhile, she becomes smitten with a work colleague, Riley, while both are traveling for a project they are assigned to.

I thought that the corporate corruption story line felt unique. I read a lot of pure romance and this this provided a bit of something entertaining to chew on besides a regular formulaic courtship.

I liked the main characters. Both were beautiful, smart, and driven. They were very mature and pragmatic while their feelings grew and required decisions and sacrifices to be made. What I appreciate, is that this was a relationship that developed over time. While this was insta lust and they quickly fell into a domesticated pattern, it didn’t feel unnatural. I thought their feelings and thoughts about one another were cute.

Having said that, this book had a few of my no-no personal pet peeves. The endearment ‘baby’ came too soon and then was used too often. The women cursed a lot and I found that to be a bit weird for a couple of well educated and professional women and it just wasn’t necessary in the excessive way it was used. I have no issue with swearing in general, but it seemed oddly placed in the dialogue between the two of them.

I was really excited that the first sexual encounter was fade to black. I love books that allude to intercourse without being explicit. But then there were tons of somewhat brief explicit sex scenes scattered throughout after that. So I was really confused about that decision. If there was any sex scene I would want to see, it would be the first.

The realistic slow timeline of the SEC investigation hurt the flow of the book, in my opinion. I felt like the pacing was off and I’m pretty sure I noticed it during those times they were in a holding pattern and waiting for information. I was excited for a climactic ending, but it just kind of got drawn out. And I felt a little bit let down. There was a confrontation between Kay and a friend who works for another airline. I thought it was promising us some kind of future conflict. But nothing ever came of it.

Overall, this was a good read that offered a unique and complimenting story line to the romance.

I recommend this to those who like to read about romance, business, airlines, corrupt executives, coming out stories, wine, and spreadsheets.

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