Book Review: Friends Without Benefits by Dena Blake

Dex has been in love with her best friend, Grace, pretty much all her life. She really struggles once Grace marries Brent. This is a story of the lengths it takes to try and move on to be available to someone else. 

It was unique in that many stories with this theme, you expect to be rooting for the long time best friends to be end game. Not with this one. Grace is pretty selfish and unlikable. In fact, you get quite annoyed with Dex , along with everyone else in her life, that she still devotes so much energy to he best friend.

Emma comes into Dex’s life and there is a glimmer of hope. If only Dex could make anyone other than Grace a priority. 

I always say that I love angst. This has it. A lot of back and forth. Push and Pull. Right up my alley. 

This felt a little bit dragged out to me at times, but found that I was entertained for most of it. Which is a little funny because I alternatively think that the romance escalated a bit too quickly. There was definitely attraction.

Overall, I would recommend this.

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