Book Review: Girl Talk by Cassidy Storm

Do you want to play a game?

So, this was pretty much an entirely smutty book.

Sure, there was a story. But still.

I’m sorry, but there is no way I would continue to talk to some unknown caller who was as aggressive and crass. My mother taught me not to talk to strangers and that has served me well as I am still alive. I half expected Ghostface to appear with a knife. It seemed a bit creepy to me.

And how did Jessica know where Autumn lives? Autumn kept asking if she was local? How would SHE know? Maybe I missed where Autumn revealed her location…

Maybe this wasn’t supposed to be so deep and I should just accept it as erotica. But I wish I would have seen more of an emotional connection. Because everything was so sex oriented, I was left feeling unaffected.

Wish I could have liked it as much as everyone else. It was just OK for me.

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