Book Review: Hard Body by Renee Rowan

An erotic story with a dash of body issue sensitivity.

Sharon has fantasized about her firefighter roommate, Case. And that was exactly what she was doing when Case walked in on her pleasing herself. Her fantasies become reality when Case offers to join in on the fun.

This is definitely not my usual genre of reading. But I had read several reviews talking about it dealing with body issues. That is something I have struggled with my whole life, so I felt called on to read it. 

I wasn’t expecting this to be very deep or anything, but it surprisingly addressed Sharon’s low body self esteem in a sweet way. Case made sure to show Sharon how sexy she thought she was. 

Beyond that, there were some things that bothered me. Crude language and dialogue. It was so blatant that I actually started to think of it as being silly or parody like. I am a self described prude, that is for sure. But I can usually get through sex scenes without negative reaction. Not so in this case. And it also bothered me that Case started calling Sharon ‘baby’ after only one roll in the hay. 

Overall this was a short 10-ish minute read. I give it props for the unique inclusion of body issues.

I recommend this to those who like erotica, strap-ons, showers, roses, and cinnamon.

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