Book Review: Incognito by VK Powell

Deceit leaves scars.

Evan is in charge of a team of US Marshalls. They recently had a botched mission and now Evan is afraid to do the field work needed to capture the fugitives that got away. And it is personal. Frankie is an undercover agent for the DEA and gets assigned to be a liaison to Evan’s team because of her past experience with the fugitives they are looking for. Frankie is an enigma to Evan. All eccentric, outgoing, and constantly changing. A complete contrast to her strict and formal regimen. They will have to find a way to mix oil and vinegar in order to bring in the bad guys.

There were several mysteries and secrets to uncover throughout the story. And there was a certain confrontation I was looking forward to. I was always waiting for the next thing to happen. So that was exciting.

I liked the team of US Marshalls and how they interacted with one another. It would have been nice to get a little bit more background behind the guys on the team to show a deeper connection with Evan.

It is very shaky and contentious between Evan and Frankie in the beginning. But there is an instant attraction and Frankie’s outgoing persona is able to chip away at Evan’s defenses. There is definitely a forbidden feel to their relationship. Evan is sort of the boss. They are working together. And Evan is still reeling over a very humiliating breakup. 

Overall, this was a really good book. The writing was high quality, there were things to uncover that kept me interested, and I enjoyed the will they/won’t they aspect of the relationship between the two main characters.

I recommend this to people who like to read workplace romance, US Marshalls, the DEA, undercover work, chasing bad guys, and cigars.

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