Book Review: LA Metro by R.J. Nolan

Another audio book. This one annoyed me less than all of the others I have listened to so far. This narrator actually did accurate tone and inflection. So THAT was a plus! I’m still not sold on listening to one person do voices. That is really what distracts me with audio books. Are there any that just straight up read without doing that?

Kim begins a new job at a hospital after being practically forced out of a position. There, she meets the ER doctor, Jess. Both of them have secrets in their path that they will need to navigate beyond in order to open up to one another. 

The book was OK. I enjoyed listening to it. At times I though it was a little overwrought with drama. I totally understand that sexual assault is serious and traumatic. But I had difficulty believing how sexually and emotionally stunted one of the characters was. And the level of drama that conjured up. 

The end dragged on a bit for me.

I recommend this to those who like to read about romance, medical dramas, homophobia issues, psychiatry, emergency medicine, and some obscure actress. 

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