Book Review: Legacy by Charlotte Greene

Charlotte Greene gave us ‘Gnarled Harlow’ last year and it immediately went to my favorites list. ‘Legacy’ follows the same eerie footsteps as the Lemke family and friends encounter frighteningly strange things in and around their family cabin. While this one doesn’t share space with ‘Gnarled Harlow’ as a favorite, it was definitely a decent haunted read.

Greene does a good job of building suspense as the story unfolds. Strange things happen one by one in increasingly spooky fashion. Background information is revealed a little bit at a time and makes you want to try and solve the mystery.

It is hard to comment on things without giving away most of the plot.

There is a bit of a romance between one of the main characters and a forest ranger. I’m happy to say that the intimacy is exactly how I believe it should be depicted in all books. Steamy chemistry that gets the heart racing and then fade to black. I’m sure others will disagree, but it is SO refreshing to me when I’m not forced to read explicit porn-like material. Erotica has it’s place and time. And it rightfully didn’t belong in this ghost story. I didn’t SUPER buy into the fast progression of the relationship. But this isn’t primarily a romance so it gets a pass.

I still don’t know why Jo and Carter’s appearance is twin-like. Or why they closely resemble someone from the past. I was trying to figure that out the entire story and it was unsatisfying as there really was no explanation given. This and a little bit of issue I had with some repetitiveness are the only reasons this is not getting a 5 Star.

I recommend this to those who like to read about hauntings, nature, history, DIY home maintenance, violent husbands, scary things in the woods, and water.

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