Book Review: Lord Of The Butterflies by Andrea Gibson

I had never heard of Andrea Gibson before reading this book of poetry. I definitely know her now. In fact, very intimately as a result of her vulnerability and frank openness. 

The overall feeling while experiencing these poems was moroseness. My heart broke with each new page. Sure, there were sprinkles of positive reflection. But there was mostly a theme of sadness. 

Sexual Identity, Sibling struggles, Tragedy, Religion, Anxiety, Depression, Politics, and Suicide are all tackled topics within the pages. 

Gibson definitely has a way with words. Here are several of the many tidbits that resonated with me:

“…realizing you are the only boy you ever wanted to tear your dress off for.”

“They told me the same thing
about Santa always watching and I didn’t mind
because he was bringing presents.”

“If you’ve never had a panic attack,
there’s a good chance you’ve been an ass
to someone who has

always seems like helpful things

to scream if oxygen
has never been over your head,
if your body has never become its own corset.”

“I love myself, but I don’t
love myself

“…What if you are the love your life? I think, Oh my god, I hope

that’s not true,
because I am absolutely
not my type.”

“…never let the bad in you
make the better case.”

There were also things that made you think. Gibson feels we should be making more snowwomen than snowmen. Why don’t we? And her thought on open heart valves was swoon worthy.

How do you rate poetry? Isn’t it all subjective? While this was entirely depressing material, it did make me FEEL. And for that level of connection and the aforementioned vulnerability, there is no other option to than to give this a 5.

I received a copy through Netgalley from Button Poetry for an honest review.

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