Book Review: Lost In Paradise by Rachel Lacey

Release Date: Feb 12, 2019
Publisher: Self Published

The fortunate stranded.

Nicole is rewarding herself with a cruise after going through a divorce. She meets a flirty Fiona at the bar. They move to a private part of the deck to connect a little bit when their ship is suddenly commandeered. They work together to try and make an escape. Then they are on an island with nobody in sight.

I liked the premise of this story. The escape in the life boat was exciting. The island portion of this kind of lost some steam for me. I never felt like they were really in danger. This was an elite and upper class sort of stranded. Really fortunate to end up on a deserted island with a fully stocked boat.

The chemistry between Nicole and Fiona was good. I definitely felt the attraction. I struggled a bit with believing in an emotional connection between the two. It seemed too fast for the amount of time spent on the island. Also, there were multiple explicit sex scenes and no amount of rinsing in the ocean can make me feel good about it.

A lot of the story happens after the island. I appreciated this second part of the book a lot, because I began to feel that connection that was missing earlier. Absence makes the heart grow fond, and all of that. But this was the part that really kept me engaged because I wanted to know how it could possibly work out with them being in different countries.

Overall, I liked this. The writing was good, the characters had personality, the concept was intriguing, and kept me engaged.

I recommend this to people who like to read about romance, flings, cruises, ocean, survival, deserted islands, art, damaged people, and paint splatter.

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