Book Review: Occasions Of Sin by Elena Graf

Love of heart over love of body

This was quite an emotional journey.

Usually I grow bored with excessive description to paint the settings, characters, etc. This didn’t have those. The author built this world and these people that were so rich and deep through scenes and dialogue. I was completely engrossed. 

Not only that, but I also received quite the education. I had to look up definitions for practically every religious word. 

But let’s talk about the main characters, Margarethe and Sister Augustine. How can people who are so different have so much on common? I really enjoyed the forbidden aspect of their attraction. That is really where this book shined. I could feel the weight of those impending vows just as much as Margarethe. 

There were so many obstacles for them to overcome. It seemed impossible and I spent the last 1/3 preparing myself for heartache.

This was a very good book. All of the depth and romance and intimacy you would expect from a high quality story. 

I was surprised at how accepting or ‘turn a blind eye’ everyone was. I would have expected a lot more homophobia and trouble. 

And I really wish we would have seen more real ‘love of heart’ vs. ‘love of body’ from Margarethe. There were times that if I were Katherine, I would have bolted. Oh, when you are in the throes of romance, all can be forgiven. Ha!

Definitely recommend for people who like romance, historical fiction, religious debate, and motorcars.

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