Book Review: Southern Roots by Lise Gold

I have read all of Lise Gold’s books and love them. However, the first book in this series was my least favorite. It suffered from long descriptive activities that I didn’t find interesting. I DID want to read this second installment because I liked the main characters and their brief romantic encounter in Norway enough to see what would happen with their challenge of living in different countries.

What I liked about this one was the continued chemistry. These two women are really cute together. There were some amusing side characters. I appreciated contrasting family dynamics. 

The pacing seemed to be a little bit off to me. There was a good amount of time in the beginning where the main characters are apart. Not my favorite thing. Then there were some letters that, while important to the story, just didn’t resonate with me as much as they should have. Too many of them. The first one was supposed to be from a 16 year old but the voice sounded more 30-40-ish. 

There was quite a bit of repetitiveness. We would read something, then it was told to someone else, and then sometimes to even another.

And once again, we were taken on ‘activities’ that were lengthy and descriptive, but not that interesting to me because they felt unimportant to the story. 

I’m sorry to say that I didn’t really care for this one too much. I was often feeling the urge to abandon it. But the main characters are really cute. Lots of hot intimate scenes. Romance, feelings, etc. were all there. And I suspect that people who like to read about touristy things, would not have had as adverse reaction. 

I’ll still read whatever Lise Gold puts out next. This series just hasn’t been my favorite.

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