Book Review: Summer Desires by Emily King

Summer Fizzle

Sarah is a teacher that has moved from Iowa to South Beach Coast to be near the ocean. While volunteering on beach cleanup day, she gets scolded by a hot lifeguard when her friend starts poking around at a dead sting ray. Amy is the lifeguard. She is chasing her dream after determining that following her family’s desires of being a successful auto dealership owner is not satisfying her. 

This was a fairly light romantic beach read. The story was just average for me. It could have been better had I not been distracted by a few things that bothered me. The overuse of “agate-colored” as an eye descriptor. Strange ways of saying things like “we aren’t girlfriends.” I know I am being picky but I am used to hearing “we aren’t together.” ‘Girlfriends’ as a state of relationship is kind of weird to me. Mundane dialogue and actions. Like describing exactly how they are making up sandwiches. I can’t quite put my finger on it. But the writing seemed off to me. 

The relationship was initially based on attraction, but I didn’t feel like it ever elevated beyond that regardless of what the book tried to convey. Sarah was only thinking of Amy’s tight body as she was watching her teach small children. Not a lot of substance.

Also, there were several editing issues. Usually Bella doesn’t have an issue with that.

It is an OK read, but I’m sorry to say that I can’t personally recommend.

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