Book Review: The Clinch by Nicole Disney

Published Date: Jan 1, 2020
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Wow. Where did this come from?

I love sports. And I love sports books if they aren’t surgical, exact, or expansive on the actual sport aspect. But there is something so intriguing about this mixed martial arts world, that I was completely engaged. In fact, I would have liked more of it.

I kind of get annoyed with closeted characters. That was no different with this book. I mean, it was all a big part of the story, so it wasn’t like it was some flippant thing. It was important and done well. I just get so angry on behalf other character for how much stuff they have to go through because of it.

Sizzling chemistry, though. That car scene? You can’t see me fanning myself, but oo la la.

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