Book Review: The Doll Maker by Claire Highton-Stevenson


Well, I certainly was entertained by the plot. While I was able to predict some things, I was never entirely certain until all was revealed.

Sophie is a detective who is trying to bring down a serial killer who leaves dolls as a calling card. So many avenues are explored and ruled out as we slowly progress through the story. 

On a personal level, Sophie isn’t satisfied. She is in a relationship where they are going through the motions because it’s easier than ending things. 

Winter has arrived and all aspects of life are providing challenges for her. 

Rachel, a theatre nurse who isn’t shy about what she wants could be a nice distraction for the detective or a really bad idea. 

I thought this was a creative storyline. Some subject matter was a little intense. I didn’t think it was entirely gruesome considering the theme of the book. 

My only issue with this one was how things start between Sophie and Rachel. And also the flippant attitude of Rachel. 

This was a good read and I recommend for anyone who enjoys crime, killers, mystery, and suspense.

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