Book Review: The Sting Of Victory by SD Simper

Second read

Seriously. If you haven’t read this, you need to. 

How can something so wrong feel so right? 

The characters are so unique and lovable. Flowridia and her shy but not innocent ways. Etolie and her drunken humor. Thalmus and his giant protectiveness. Ayla and her gruesome mutilating yet betraying tender heart.

Also, the story is pretty amazing. On to book 2. YES! 

And why had I voted this as a 4?! This is 5 star material. Updated.

Monsters and Flowers

Fascinatingly dark and gruesome. Witches, gods, giants, elves, undead… The story has a vast amount of characters that all play specific roles in this creative world. 

A witch and her familiar are taken in by royals. A diplomat from another nation catches her fancy. But love is a weakness. And sometimes we press forward against better judgement or advice from trusted friends. 

I was very immersed in this. I think part of the appeal was how dark it was in spots. I was well and truly uncomfortable with a lot of things. I couldn’t stop reading. It’s like wanting to look when you pass a car crash. Or secretly wish for that disaster to happen. 

The romance (It’s not a spoiler when it is in the title, right?) was literally nuts. I felt so guilty rooting for it. It was also charming. So many feelings about this that I wouldn’t be able to explain here. 

I guess this will be a series? I’m on board.

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