Book Review: Unexpected Lightning by Cass Sellars

‘Unexpected Lightning’ is the 3rd book in the ‘Lightning’ series. I did not read the first two prior to this one and there was no need to. The author successfully referenced previous things with enough explanation to understand what was going on. So this can be read as a standalone. 

The story revolves around a group of friends. Two existing f/f couples (Sydney/Parker and Mack/Jenny) and another woman (Mia) who had lost her girlfriend during a harrowing incident that happened in a previous installment. 

Jenny begins to receive threatening letters from a stalker and then Syd and Mack work to unravel clues that will lead them to the person behind them. 

It was refreshing to read a book that had already established couples. Both were so in love, sweet, and sexy with their respective loved ones. 

I found myself trying very hard to play detective and figure out what was going on. And I never did. So I would say that this wasn’t predicable. 

The letters were described as bad and juvenile poetry, but I was actually impressed with the creativity! It kind of reminded me how the movie ‘A Mighty Wind’ was supposed to be a comedy/parody but it just didn’t work out because the cast all seriously sang too well. Not to say the letters didn’t work in this book… Just pointing out the poetry wasn’t that bad!

The pacing dragged a bit toward the middle. But then skyrocketed at 70%. When I thought something was going down, it wasn’t. When I thought nothing was going down, it was. Then things started getting revealed and I was seriously impressed that my own detective work had failed. 

Two things I didn’t care for. One, I didn’t like Parker referring to Syd as ‘Love’ so often. Just a personal preference thing. And two, I wish I would have felt more danger.

I really enjoyed this. The writing was great. Loved the characters. The cute banter between between all of them was consistent throughout. There were several hot scenes that were executed well.

Check this one out if you are into cute relationships, stalkers, love letters, interrogations, butches, sex in Porsches, homo resources, and playing detective.

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