Book Review: Wavering Convictions by Erin Dutton

Unlucky in love.

Maggie is robbed while walking to her car in a parking garage. At the courthouse, she meets a woman, Ally Becker, who she later discovers is a bit too close to her situation. 

I thought the concept of this story was unique. At first, I wasn’t quite sure what I would do if the situation happened to me. Through reading this, I determined I would not have responded the way that Maggie did. To be honest, I was a little annoyed with her. If I were Ally, there would be zero chance I would have stuck with Maggie through the amount of ghosting that occurred. 

Something I really enjoyed about this book was the sensual tactile way in which they were with one another at times. Tracing fingers through the hair just behind her ears. Yeah. Sweet.

Despite feeling like the amount of trauma Maggie experienced was a little much, I still enjoyed the story overall. 

I recommend this to those who enjoy romance, conflict, and gardening.

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