Book Review: Edge Of Glory by Rachel Spangler

Wow, this book was good. Aside from a very few editing issues, this was practically perfect for me. 

Elise is an elite Olympic skier that only has one goal. To win. Corey is an Olympic snowboarder with a sketchy past that enjoys her sport and has fun. When Corey sees Elise for the first time, she is immediately drawn to her, and becomes determined to form a friendship. But Elise is pretty cold. It is going to take a lot of Corey’s charm to get past that icy exterior. 

I love books that are not entirely focused on just the romance. This one was especially great because it was about the world of Olympics and winter sports. I was lost in the training and competition. The level of effort it takes these women to be ready to compete and qualify adds a layer of depth that draws you closer to the characters. 

The themes of overcoming obstacles to achieve goals, realizing when your time is coming to an end, and discovering what makes happiness, were executed perfectly. I could feel the passion and contemplation Elise and Corey experienced throughout this story.

There was also a good cast of likable side characters. All were necessary and there to provide depth of characters and to construct plot points in a genuine way. 

The romance was fairly slow burn and felt authentic. They had good chemistry. A lot of fun banter. Sex scenes were explicit and sprinkled with feelings. I really enjoyed the ride with them. To see how they both helped each other grow and become better people. The conflict they go through at times is believable and sometimes heart wrenching. 

There were so many highlights of this book, but I have to say that the description of the races were fantastic. They didn’t go overboard or last too long. They were just the right length and filled with anticipation and excitement. Sometimes I felt I was right on those slopes with them. Or wishing I knew how to ski/snowboard so that I could go out and experience similar things myself.

This one was straight to the favorites folder for me.

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